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A lot of people have asked this question

“What is the number one skill one have to have/ develop as an entrepreneur?”

This is beautiful/handsome question (lol…)

There are different school of thoughts with different answers which I believed they are all correct.

In entrepreneurship, there is no particular important skills.

There are chain of skills you need to develop from time to time.

The skill you develop depends on your strength and the type of business you do.

But one of the important skill you can’t do away with is the “SELLING (SALES) SKILL”.

I’ve seen so many people running away from “Sales Job/Profession” or anything that pertains to selling.

Most of them think that it’s one of the most difficult job responsibility.

Some would say they can’t be begging people to buy products or services.

Some lamented that they can’t allow people insult them all in the name of selling or marketing a product.

God forbid!!! I can stay so low and lose my self esteem just to sell my product.

There are many reasons why people don’t want to engage in the sales aspect of any business.

Not because they despised selling so much like that, but the “PROCESS OF SELLING” seems difficult for many to endure.

Some business owners would rather employ a sales expert to sell their products for them.

This is made me laugh out loud (Don’t mind me).

See ehn,

One thing is certain, you can’t be an entrepreneur if you can’t sell.

That’s is the RULE OF THE GAME!!!

Selling is one of the perquisites of becoming a great entrepreneur.

The number one skill you must acquire is the journey of an entrepreneurship is ” SELLING”.

If you can’t sell you can’t be in business. It is as simple as ABC.

Like I do tell my clients….

Think of it,

How will you generate revenue or pay for all the expenses in your business without selling?

What is the essence of production without sales?

It is very important to have the selling skill especially as a startup (starter).

Don’t think someone will do it for you o

To be continued…

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