Wow!! this guy is still sleeping?

He is at home every day doing nothing reasonable.

His generator is always on at a blink when PHCN off the light.

This lazy crap is still on bed by this time when others are at work already.

But wait, how did he get the money to buy that new car?

I hope his guys is not into any illegal business?

Dear reader,

Don’t judge people by their lifestyle until you’re close to them.

Before you open your mouth to criticize them, ensure you know them in their bedroom.

Because he is sleeping at home on a Monday morning doesn’t means he is lazy?

Wait, do you know if he had worked overnight?

Do you know probably he is a freelancer?

Do you know if he works remotely for multinationals?

Please, don’t judgement people until you have your facts.

The truth is, our expectations are always on those who pickup their bags and go to work as early as 5am and come back by 10pm.

Or those who their white shirts turned to brown when they are coming from work in the evening.

These are the set of people we believe they are on the verge to success.


Success and achievement is not base on “Hours of work” but the quality of time spent.

A person who works for 6hours per day can be better of someone who does 12hours.

It is all about the QUALITY and PRODUCTIVITY.


As you engage yourself this week, mind your business and focus on your goals.

Never use someone else’s life to judge yourself.

Don’t follow the crowd, find the best approach that suit your job/business.

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