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From the previous post (part 1), I wrote about the benefits of developing chain business skills.

I emphasize on the importance of developing a “SELLING/SALES” skill.

Sure, it is possible to get a sales expert to help you with your sales in your organization (This not good for a startup).

But you’re the one who carries the vision and knows the best approach to talk about your business to your prospects.

When you find yourself amidst other business owners/entrepreneurs, you should be able to pitch your products.

You should know how to sell your business for other to buy or have a good impression about it.

Building relationship and connection start from selling i.e pitching your business to others

As business owner, “DO YOU HAVE A SALES PITCH?”

Please note that, you can’t hire someone to sell something that you can’t sell yourself.

It is not even appropriate and the business may not grow as expected.

That’s just the fact!!!

Imagine one of your prospects making enquiries about your product and all you do is to refer such prospect to your sales man, all in the name of “I AM NOT THE SALES PERSON”

As a business owner, you’re the first AMBASSADOR of all your products/services.

One funny thing is that we have the skill of selling in us.

The ability is already within us.

I believe everyone is born with selling (sales) potentials.

You just need to develop it!!!

Let talk outside entrepreneurship a bit now

For instance you go to the market to buy a pair of shoe which was charged for a certain price

But you negotiated with the seller to sell at your desired price and she agreed.

You know what you just did?

You have sold your idea to her by convincing her to sell at your desired price.

Imagine while you’re are arguing with your friend about something.

You surely want to proof that what you’re saying is the right thing.


You have tabled your idea to him to accept your view and if he agreed?

You just SOLD!!!

We sell in almost everything we do.

Selling is already part of us, all we need to do is to unveil it, develop it and use it appropriately.

To be continued…

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