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I have been talking about this important business skill “SELLING”

A lot of people hide under the fact that they are introvert.

They believe that, selling is not meant for them (it is for the extrovert who can create a flow)

Sincerely, being an introvert can have effects on your ability to become a good sales person.

So I concur with you (for now)

But truth be told, I have seen a lot of introvert who are now sales guru.

They hit their products to the heart of their customers.

In fact, the so called extrovert are now learning at their feet (smiles).

So, I will totally disregard being an introvert is an excuse not to be a good sales person.

Anybody can develop their selling potential.

You can do it too!!!

Another focus issue;

People are scared of REJECTION.

Getting “NO” from a client torments them.

Yes, I know a lot of people witness this at the early stage of engaging in sales.

What I can assure you is that with time you will get used to it.

It won’t even bother you again.

One thing I know is that for every “NO” there is always “YES” somewhere.

I remember when I started my career in sales I felt so bad whenever I call a client and they responded “NO”

Some prospect will not even give you any attention.

This got me depressed!!!

I later took up the challenge and decided to learn the ACT OF SELLING

Though it took me along time to learn the process


I’m now a professional sales man.

In summary,

Everyone can SELL and you can learn the ACT OF SELLING too.

You are a good sales person!!!

All you just need is to unveil that potential in you and start selling (that’s the best way to learn).


Now that you know you need to develop your selling skill

I wouldn’t want us to move to the next business skill without stating how you can develop your selling skill.

Trust me, this is what I will be dishing out in my next post.

But before then,

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