You cannot teach a man anything; you can only help him discover it within himself.


There are many different reasons why people may buy your product or service.

What you must know is that people buy for their reasons, not for yours.

As a business person, people will patronize you base on their needs and not according to your sweet words.

Sweet words can lure people to buy your products but it won’t sustain them since it was bought out of emotion.

One of the biggest mistakes entrepreneurs make is asking people to buy their product or service for their own personal reasons, not for the reasons that actually meet the needs of the customers.

No, this shouldn’t be!!!!

One of the most significant parts of selling, the indispensable step upon which the whole sales process depends, is your ability to identify the needs of your prospect accurately and the appropriate time.

You must take whatever time is necessary and ask as many questions as much as possible to find out exactly why this particular prospect needs to buy your product or service at this time and how best can the prospect get the value for his money.

If you fail to identify the prospect’s needs accurately, the entire sales process will grind to a halt.

This may block all other prospects in the pipeline who maybe directly or indirectly connected with this prospect.

Note: You can read about “Identifying your customers’ needs” in my previous post.

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