Creating a Brand for your Organisation

Have you ever wonder which strategy the global brands are using, which make them to have achieve such a tremendous market share?

Haven’t you think about this….  Some organizations especially in Africa aren’t able to overcome the battle of sustainability despite their huge investment plan?

So,  what particular thing has keep some of the global brand to be existing for many years with an outweighing revenue?

We surely know that each year, so many competitors come on board with similar products and it is so surprising that they couldn’t overcome to the test of time.

So,  what can be the brainbox for this achievement?

Is there any secret behind this?

Yes,  there is!!


For you business to exist and stay sustained, you have to keep innovating.

Innovation is key to any organization who focuses on growth and increasing cash-flow.

Now listen to this,

Most organization get it wrong somewhere.


Most organization believe that the innovation should be an outward flow  from the CEO or the top management. Therefore, there is great expectation from the CEO and top executives.

I have always explained participants in my training, especially when it involves organization growth and development that the role of innovation is lay in the hands of everyone in the organization and not the CEO or the top management.

I always advise the management to have an open door for everyone to table their suggestions and opinions. It doesn’t matter who is who (even including your gateman).

Anyway, that not where we are going today.

In nut shell,  for your organization to keep growing, then CONSTANT INNOVATION should be welcome.

You can’t grow without INNOVATION… Only if you wanna be out of business soon.


Post: Creating a Brand for your Organisation

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