In business, a rejection can be in so many ways;

– Customer not buying your product.

– Customer offering unfavorable price.

– Customer not giving you enough attention.

– Customer not coming for the meeting.

– Customer is not interested!

– Customer has decided to go with another person.

There are a lot of ways you can encounter rejection from your prospects.

I will advise you to know how to turn a “NO” today
into a “YES” tomorrow.

From the picture, you will see that a lot of NOs make a “YES”

That is the good news!!!

No matter how many times you receive NOs from your prospects, you will eventually get a YES soon.

Let me ask you…

When was the last time your product was rejected?

Did you take it personally?

Are you angry and frustrated?

The next time you get a “NO” from a sales prospect, give it another meaning.

You can interpret it in another way.

You can see it as if the prospect is saying


– “I’m too busy”

– “Let’s try this another time”

Don’t just respond with ” Okay” or “Alright” (a sign of giving up)

Don’t take that as a negative answer.

You can take the conversation further by saying:

– I know you have not budgeted this in your plan this month, can I contact you next month?

– Should I keep in touch probably such need may arise?

– Will you contact me if I may be of assistance to you in any way?

– May I contact you in (next weeks/months) to learn how comfortable you are with your

After this, you can develop a working relationship with the prospect.

You can send happy new month messages, birthday texts, etc. just to sustain your relationship.

Once in while, talk briefly about your offer (how amazing it is) but make sure you’re “POLITELY PERSISTENT”.

You never can tell; something bigger than the initial offer can come up and you may be the one to get it since you have maintained a mutual relationship.

Don’t see REJECTION as a “NO”, but see it as a “FUTURE YES”

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