Differences Between Self Employed and Being a Business Owner.

There is a big difference between being self-employed and being a business owner.

In fact, most of so called entrepreneurs and CEOs are self-employed and not business owner.

Right, they believe when you champion an idea and turn into into a business, then they have automatically become a business owner. But they work around the clock, sweating profusely to generate revenue from the business.

Being self employed is actually the the first step to grow a business, don’t confuse it with owning a business at that stage.

Have you wonder why you don’t get clients when you stop running Facebook or Instagram ads?


Have you think of it that your time is equal to the revenue you generate from your business.

The first sign that makes you know you are self-employed rather than a business owner is when your time spent in the business is proportional to the revenue you generate from the business.

That’s is not clear enough?

Okay, let me explain further,

If you have to spend 12hours to ensure you deliver a satisfactory product to your client, that means you are being paid for the 12hours, then you are still self-employed.

It means that, your business can not survive without you expensing your time. Your time equate your revenue.

At the other end, a business owner operates a profitable business with or without the actual input of the owner.

This means that if the owner decided to go on vacation for weeks, the business will still maintains its cash-flow.

Now, let me clear this…

It is not wrong to be self-employed. That’s actually the first step to owning a business.

At this stage,
You make a lot of decision yourself,

You almost get everything done yourself (cos no one to delegate task),

You will spend all your time in the business,

You only generate revenue with your hardwork (not smart work),

You  believe you know the business better than anyone, so you want to be equipped.

You try to know so many things to reduce your cost in the business.

When you are sick, the business is sick too and when you are in vacation, this business is on vacation too (cos you are the business).

It is actually not a crime for you to be at self-employed status.

You only have to expend more energy to ensure you move to this stage where your business can fly when you still under the water.

After affirming the truth of your business status, you need to ask this question “HOW CAN I ACHIEVE THIS?”

Post: Differences Between Self Employed and Being a Business Owner.

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