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We have discussed the best approach to handle rejection in my last post.

And I am sure that rejection will never get you down but serves as a motivation to you.

Today, I will share how you can expand your sales network to get more customers/clients.

I will like to share some of the practical steps I engaged while creating my sales prospect network.

This will surely help you if you can follow it duly.

As an entrepreneur, I know your utmost desire is to make a lot of sales with your product.

You want to gain high market share with your product.

You want your product to achieve autopilot sales channels.

Yes, that’s the desire of every entrepreneur.

Who no wan sell and make billions (smiles)

But it is so unfortunate that these imaginations were not happening.

Probably you find these difficult because of your nature (introvert) or due to lack/inadequate knowledge

Peradventure after following my posts for few weeks, you have gained more clarity why your business is not growing as expected but in terms of sales and you have realized how important it is to develop your selling skill.

Now, you are ready but don’t know how to go about it.

This is what you need to do if you wanna start..

Navigate your prospecting from “KNOWN” to the “UNKNOWN”

Write out the names and contacts of your clients (those that have purchased your product)

Appreciate them for buying from you and ask them to give you referrals (at least 2)

That means if you have sold to 50 customers before, you should able to get at least 100 new contacts (some will even give you than 2 referrals).

Go and do this NOW.

I teach you how to utilize the contacts to generate sales.

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